Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go get my wata baby!

So every year Tye's Grandma and her 4 sisters get together with there girls and there girls girls, for a weekend. (Make sense?) Well this last weekend it was in Layton and Kim and I decieded to ride together with Oaklee. Oak had been so excited to go, she was ready a week proir. She has also been on a huge baby kick she doesn't go anywhere with out her dolls. She doesn't even bath until she switches out for the water baby. Well anyways before we left the house she realized that she would be going swimming, so she kissed her baby good bye, only in exchange for her water baby that she left at grandmas, that we were going to go pick up. We get on the road and we are about to Pocatello and Oaklee pipes up and say, "mom where is my wata baby?" I said "oh we forgot it at grandmas." Withour even a pause she then says," Kim hurwy tuwn awound go back to pwetty granma's and get my wata baby" We told her it was too far and if we did we would run out of gas. She was so persistant that kim should turn around and get that baby. Me and kim just laughed because she is a 2 year old with a plan!