Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night Tye and I thought it would be funny to crawl under Oaklee's bed and scare her. Then the paln evolved into a better idea. While I was hiding under the bed, Tye told her that her wand was magic and made her bed move. So everytime she would say the magic words her bed would rise. Then we would get her out of the room and hurry and switch places so she could show me. She never caught on to it. We told her that like cinderella the magic would only last so long. Later she was in her room for like 20 min just yelling with so much frustration ABRA KA "BRAGRA." Then this morning she tried it once asnd it didn't work and she got the saddest look on her face.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumkins Pumkins Everywhere Pumpkins

Well for Halloween Tye and I decieded that we would get festive and carve pumpkins. So Papa Newman sent Oaklee (jellybean) and entire bin. She was so excited because he put her name one it and made sure that nobody touched them until she got her pick. He made sure that he sent her the biggest pumkin he could find. She was so excited. Thanks Papa Newman!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Future Army BRAT!

Ok so I know it has been the longest time since we have blogged, but what can I say we have been very busy. As for our most exciting update...... Tye joined the Army! We are so excited for this...
We just felt as if we needed something new and out of the box. I am so proud of him to choose to serve his country. He will be leaving for boot camp late October. Oaklee and I will stay here for now. I will be attending school for a semester. Then in February we will join him wherever we are stationed. It is going to be so fun to travel and live in new places. It gives us adventure, Freedom, and stability. As of now he is in for three and a half years. After that we will decide if we want to stay in longer or choose another path.

Oaklee and I just got back from Nauvoo where my grandparents are serving a mission. It was such a great time...mostly because I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people..... my SISTERS! I am so blessed to have three of the greatest sisters. Each one of them has such a special place in my heart. They each teach me to be a better person in one way or another. They are some of the very few people in your life where they can say anthing to you but you will still love them and they will return the favor. It is hard to be so spred out, as each of us live in different states. Our first night we arrived we got in a marshmellow fight... Char and I kicked butt! It was so funny. But I just wanted to tell them that they are three of the best women I know. I love you guys so much.... I hope there are many more girl trips to come!

It was also great to see my nieces and nephews! We were able to see the Nauvoo pagent. Before the pagent we went to the pre show... a country fair... or as Oaklee would call it "the countrwy bear"

Here are the kids dressed in the outfits we made them.

Well we still have many more things to talk about... but thats it for now. May God bless each one of you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go get my wata baby!

So every year Tye's Grandma and her 4 sisters get together with there girls and there girls girls, for a weekend. (Make sense?) Well this last weekend it was in Layton and Kim and I decieded to ride together with Oaklee. Oak had been so excited to go, she was ready a week proir. She has also been on a huge baby kick she doesn't go anywhere with out her dolls. She doesn't even bath until she switches out for the water baby. Well anyways before we left the house she realized that she would be going swimming, so she kissed her baby good bye, only in exchange for her water baby that she left at grandmas, that we were going to go pick up. We get on the road and we are about to Pocatello and Oaklee pipes up and say, "mom where is my wata baby?" I said "oh we forgot it at grandmas." Withour even a pause she then says," Kim hurwy tuwn awound go back to pwetty granma's and get my wata baby" We told her it was too far and if we did we would run out of gas. She was so persistant that kim should turn around and get that baby. Me and kim just laughed because she is a 2 year old with a plan!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ya have to laugh!

Amanda and I were just going through some pictures, and we ran across this one. It was when Kyra and Camree were here from Florida. They were all suppose to be sleeping. I went up there to check on them, they had the lights on the room torn apart and Kyra had put lotion all over Oaklee's face. It was so funny! At first I was going to be the tough guy and follow through with my idle threts. Then I took one look at Oak and I couldn't be angry I had to laugh!

When the parents are away the children will PLAY...

So Tye's parents are out of town.... so naturally we must PARTY.... no j/k we got together and started a band... a rock band! Mo lady Kim- drummer T-money Tye- guitarist cass- singer k-nine kal - bass. Chanda manager. We had so much fun Kal was hilarious... he started out as our singer... then he started making up his own lyrics. "and the wheat grows in the field" Yeah that didn't gain to many fans. Need less to say we are so grateful for family. It is sad to think that alcohol can come between us. But all we can say is here's to an awesome summer and more rock band to come! We love our families so much. We are so blessed to have such awesome ones. We are so thankful that Kim has done so well in he recovery. She now has over a year of sobriety, and many more to come.

Reading w/ Daddy

I am so proud of Tye... He is doing so well!! He is working really hard everyday at his program. Yesterday I went upstairs to see what he and jelly bean were doing. She was all snuggled up to him and he was reading out of his AA book to him.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddys HOME!!!

Tye got home 3/12/2009. Things so far are pretty good. Oaklee won't leave his side. She is such a daddy's girl. Although I have worked the last few days, we are having so much fun being a family again. We have really learned to appreciate the small stuff in life. Like just eating a meal together or sharing a lil tidbit that we read about, and just having a friend and companion to confide in. Tye is so much lighter, he can laugh and joke again.... but more then that there is a glow about him. I am so happy for him because he has decided to go back to "real" school. I love Tye so much and I am so very grateful that he has been freed of this burden. We know its not smooth sailin' but we now have the tools to combat this ugly disease.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We had the absolute most amazing spiritual experience tonight. Tye and I were able to visit the family of Silicia Dion Sovic. For those of you who do not know, this special spirit was taken from this world after a car accident that happened while Tye and his siblings were driving home from lake powell, June 3, 2003. Tye was the driver and he didn't see the red light, and Silicia passed almost immediately.

As Tye has been dealing with the trials in his life, Oaklee had an experience where she felt impressed to tell us about the accident, in which we have never shared with her. Our little two year old shared with us things her little mind could never comprehend. This let Tye know that Silicia was there and needed him to move on with his life. Through all this and many miracles, and prayers, we were able to meet Silicia Family. We feel so very blessed that they would welcome us in there home and tell us about there beautiful girl.

They shared experiences with us of when they felt her presences. They taught us about love forgivness and noticing the little things, and small signs in life. Most of all they gave Tye the gift of forgivness. They shared with us that they feel that her mission here was full filled, and that a new one had begun for her. She was a girl full of life, she never wanted to miss a moment. She was witty and fun loving, just as we always imagined her. When we walked in there home it was full of absolute peace and serenity. Her mom said right off without ever seeing Tye, that he was exactly what she imagined. And they were exactly the type of people we hoped them to be, so loving, understanding, compassionate, forgiving, spiritual and absolutely AMAZING. They know of a surety that Families are Forever! We are here in this life and we don't know why things happen, and we may wonder why us. But we do know this; the lord is in control, he has a greater understanding, he knows best what we need. We have to experience these things to gain knowledge and life lessons, so that we may grow and accomplish each of our own journey's.

We are so humbled by our experience and thank all of you for the prayers!! They have been answered and felt beyond comprehension. We love you and may God Bless You!

Tye and Chanda Giles.

Guardian Angel

Silicia Dion Sovic

8/19/1976 ~ 6/7/2003
Our precious daughter Silicia, age 26, died Saturday, June 7, 2003 due to injuries sustained in an auto accident.
She was born August 19, 1976 in Granada Hills, CA to Michael and Joyce Sovic. She graduated from Alta High in 1994. Silicia served an LDS Mission in Santiago, Chile from 1997-99. She later went to SLCC and completed her schooling at the U of U. She received her bachelor's degree in Spanish, graduating in May, 2003. She served as Relief Society Secretary, pianist, and Home Evening "Mother" of the Crescent Park 7th Ward. She had a love for playing the piano, reading writing, exercising, cooking, Latin dancing, traveling and the arts.
She is survived by her parents; her brothers, Matt (Melissa), Aaron, Adam, Shane; her half sister Jennifer Cook (Chuck); half brother Michael Sovic Jr. (Heather); nephews Joshua, Andrew, Ryan, Parker "Bubba" and niece Taylor "Cuddles"; aunts, uncles, and cousins.
She is preceded in death by Grandpa and Grandma Tolman; Grandpa and Grandma Sovic; and Aunt Linda and Uncle Phil Oler and their children.
Funeral services Thursday, June 12th, 2003, 10:30 a.m., at the Crescent Park 2nd Ward, 10885 So. Pampas Drive, (840 E.), Sandy, where friends and family may call from 9 a.m. - until time of services. Interment Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 E. 10600 So., Sandy. Funeral Directors Larkin Sunset Gardens Mortuary

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not a day too early, nor a minute to soon!

Only a few more days and our real test will come.....Tye's homecoming. I don't know what to expect, nor at the same time I don't expect anything. Expectations can only disappoint you right? I am worried, but I can only have faith! Gosh I think that we pray for things to fall into place and for the right people to be there to help us along our journey. And here Tye is, doing so well and dealing with this major issue that has been weighing on him. A weight that is literally to heavy for him to carry alone, a pure accident. You pray that he will get the right messages, and that the other residents will be able to be a great support. I pray that the staff will have the spirit with them and know how to reach him. And I just don't pray for Tye, my prayers are for Oaklee and my self. I Pray that she will be comforted and be at peace and have joy. I pray for myself that I will work my program that I will have the spirit and receive the message. I think I have so much faith that god will put all these things in place. But then when it comes down to it and Tye is ready to come home where is the faith? Faith in Tye, faith in the program, faith in myself, faith in God? I guess that is where in the Big Book, my favorite slogan is "Let Go, and Let God. I don't have to carry all this, for one most of it I don't have control over, and two its just not mine to carry. Have faith!

As I have sat back in my life these last few weeks I have really been pondering, "do I regret the choices I've made?" As far as getting married so young and to whom now has a disease we can never cure. If we would have waited to have Oaklee would we be better off? Then I soon realized that, NO! Oaklee was not a day to early, nor a minute to soon! I really truly do believe that she was a gift! A gift to me, and a gift to Tye! I really could not even imagine where the two of us would be without her! I know that he timing was absolutely perfect. With out this little angel I know that me and Tye wouldn't have made it together in this journey. Yeah it hasn't been easy but I do have to appreciate and Cherish the lesson that have been learned on the way. God has his own time schedule, he knows what is best for us at every moment in our lives. If it is big or small he knows. And in that we must remember "Have FAITH," and "Let Go, and Let God.

Once again, thank you for your love support and especially prayers! Just by you getting on your knees it shows you have faith, not just in God but in Tye and our family! I Love you and may God Bless You!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to "School"

Tye is back in rehab and doing very well. He truly feels blessed to get a second chance and have this wonderful opportunity. He is pondering and exploring his options for his future.

Oaklee is growing up so fast!! Everyday she makes me laugh. Her favorite song is I am a Child of Gogg, LOL and sings it daily. We told her that daddy is at school and learning lots and lots, so now she doesn't stop talking about when she gets old and gets to go to chool and learn lots and lots! (hopefully not that kind of school)

I am doing very well... through all this I have really learned to humble myself in pray, and turn it all over to the Lord. Even in all this chaos I find peace and joy. It is tough but I can honestly say beacause of my faith I am the happiest i've been in a very long time.

I am working at community care in Idaho Falls a few days a week and I really like the independence it brings and the social interaction. I am hoping to start school either this summer or the fall. I will apply to few different schools in Utah and also BYU I here in Idaho.. so either way I have options.

I just want to tell all of our friends and family thank you for all the prayers and suppot; because we are definately feeling them. I truly believe that Heavenly Father puts the right people in our lives at the right time! Things for the Giles family can only go up from here!

Love always,

Tye Chanda and Oaklee!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Where now?

What a year its been!! We've laughed cried and played. What a good summer it was.. we would spend the hot summer days playing on our backyard playground. Fall and Winter... a little tougher...As I sit back and think of our year I couldnt possibly not ask myself... what would I do with out my little Jelly Bean? Every day I look and that little girl with so much love and adoration... bright eyed and happy. Also when I stare into that little girls eyes guilt ovehelms me, guilt that I can't give her more. No not more material things but more love more reading more playing more learning... but most of all more daddy time.

It is confusing why we go through the things we do... What plan does God have in store for me? What direction do I take... not just for me but for my little girl? At the end of the day nobody knows... All we can do is pray...pray that we are following the Holy Spirit. And that we might know the direction to take to be our very best self!