Monday, March 16, 2009

When the parents are away the children will PLAY...

So Tye's parents are out of town.... so naturally we must PARTY.... no j/k we got together and started a band... a rock band! Mo lady Kim- drummer T-money Tye- guitarist cass- singer k-nine kal - bass. Chanda manager. We had so much fun Kal was hilarious... he started out as our singer... then he started making up his own lyrics. "and the wheat grows in the field" Yeah that didn't gain to many fans. Need less to say we are so grateful for family. It is sad to think that alcohol can come between us. But all we can say is here's to an awesome summer and more rock band to come! We love our families so much. We are so blessed to have such awesome ones. We are so thankful that Kim has done so well in he recovery. She now has over a year of sobriety, and many more to come.

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