Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not a day too early, nor a minute to soon!

Only a few more days and our real test will come.....Tye's homecoming. I don't know what to expect, nor at the same time I don't expect anything. Expectations can only disappoint you right? I am worried, but I can only have faith! Gosh I think that we pray for things to fall into place and for the right people to be there to help us along our journey. And here Tye is, doing so well and dealing with this major issue that has been weighing on him. A weight that is literally to heavy for him to carry alone, a pure accident. You pray that he will get the right messages, and that the other residents will be able to be a great support. I pray that the staff will have the spirit with them and know how to reach him. And I just don't pray for Tye, my prayers are for Oaklee and my self. I Pray that she will be comforted and be at peace and have joy. I pray for myself that I will work my program that I will have the spirit and receive the message. I think I have so much faith that god will put all these things in place. But then when it comes down to it and Tye is ready to come home where is the faith? Faith in Tye, faith in the program, faith in myself, faith in God? I guess that is where in the Big Book, my favorite slogan is "Let Go, and Let God. I don't have to carry all this, for one most of it I don't have control over, and two its just not mine to carry. Have faith!

As I have sat back in my life these last few weeks I have really been pondering, "do I regret the choices I've made?" As far as getting married so young and to whom now has a disease we can never cure. If we would have waited to have Oaklee would we be better off? Then I soon realized that, NO! Oaklee was not a day to early, nor a minute to soon! I really truly do believe that she was a gift! A gift to me, and a gift to Tye! I really could not even imagine where the two of us would be without her! I know that he timing was absolutely perfect. With out this little angel I know that me and Tye wouldn't have made it together in this journey. Yeah it hasn't been easy but I do have to appreciate and Cherish the lesson that have been learned on the way. God has his own time schedule, he knows what is best for us at every moment in our lives. If it is big or small he knows. And in that we must remember "Have FAITH," and "Let Go, and Let God.

Once again, thank you for your love support and especially prayers! Just by you getting on your knees it shows you have faith, not just in God but in Tye and our family! I Love you and may God Bless You!

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  1. Chanda,
    I wish I could say all the right things and that I could just take this heartache away from you and your family. But I cannot, but one thing I want you to know that I know the Lord is so proud of you. He loves you so much and he does not want you to be miserable. Please continue to have faith. I know you are soo strong even though at times you may not feel this way. The Lord will not hand you anything you cannot handle. He loves you very much and will be there for you through it all. You are so awesome and I am so proud how you have handled everything. You are such a strong woman. Like you said keep the faith, use the power of the attonement and turn it all over to him, after all he suffered for you and knows the pain you are feeling. I love you!!!